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Materials for Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Power Systems

· High temperature corrosion resistant alloys for boilers

· Turbine Materials and Manufacturing

· Tubing & Piping Materials and Manufacturing

· Joining Materials and Processes

· Inspection and Characterization

· Standard development

· Etc.

Materials for Nuclear Energy and New Energy

· Water-Cooled reactor materials

· Materials under extreme irradiation and/or corrosive environments associated with current and future nuclear power reactors

· Materials for integral fast reactor, molten salt-cooled and high-temperature gas- cooled reactor

· Nuclear materials and fuels including accident tolerant fuels

· Nuclear waste management

· Etc.

Materials for Gas Turbines

· High-temperature alloys

· Nickel-based superalloys

· Titanium aluminides and other intermetallics

· Thermal barrier coatings (TBCs)

· Effects of alternative fuels on turbine engine materials

· Etc.

Materials and Production Technologies for Oil, Gas 

             · Pipeline steels, pressure vessel steels – alloy development 

               and/or thermomechanical processing

            · Pipeline steels, pressure vessel steels- welding and joining technologies
            · Environmental evaluation of pipe and pressure vessel systems
            · Nickel-base alloys in oil and gas production
            · Materials for drilling tools and applications

            · Offshore materials issues

Materials for Energy Storage and Power Batteries

            · Vanadium redox flow batteries
            · Niobium-based high performance batteries 

  · Lithium-Ion Batteries 
  ·  Sodium-Ion Batteries
  · Capacitors/Super Capacitors
  · Fuel Cell
  · Etc.

Materials for Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell

· Hydrogen production (AE, PEM, SOEC etc.)
· Hydrogen storage and transportation (carbon fiber, solid hydrogen storage metals etc.)
· Fuel cell (PEMFC, SOFC etc.)
· Hydrogen energy application (transport, refining, industry, electricity generation, buildings etc.)
· Etc.

Structural and Functional Material for Renewable Energy

         · Materials for wind tower and fan blade 
         · Steels for hydroelectric power and pumped storage station 
         · Materials for photovoltaic support bracket and photovoltaic panel 
         · Steels for battery pack
         · Steel for hydrogen manufacturing and storage

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